Star search casting, big scam, fake casting calls

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I am a member of star search casting and I have to tell you this is the worst place to spend your money if you are looking to be an actor model or singer. They let you submit yourself to unlimited casting calls for money.

No casting calls should ever cost money. Not only that there are a lot of *** casting calls on this site. I submitted to a casting call the other day and got a reply back only to realize it was a scam before I agreed to make a commitment to it. All their casting calls are scams and fake.

Most of the resume's are outdated (of the success stories) And some of the success stories lead you to a profile with nothing but a picture.

Please do not waste your money and become a member. If you really want a job in the talent industry waste your extra money on a legit talent scout instead of this site.

Monetary Loss: $10.



I am a 11 year old girl who wants to know if this is a scam or not an OFFITIAL answer PLEASE I really want to be an actor and I need answers

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